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The world of property can be legally complex and challenging in practice. We can help.

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landLord & tenant

Acting primarily for landlords on commercial and residential property, Rise Legal can help you on all lease issues

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Employment law is an ever increasingly complicated mine-field of law and regulation for employers and employees. Rise Legal can help both.

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Jeremy has been described as a “Rottweiler” and is only too happy to get his teeth into a dispute when required.

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Losing mental capacity without a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) can leave you or anyone else unable to deal with basic day to day matters, such as paying bills or dealing with your bank, speaking to your lender or selling your property.

Every adult over the age of 30 should have one.

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dispute resolution & mediation

Mediation is a great alternative to litigation and Jeremy is an accredited mediator.

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Dying without a will can cause all manner of problems - and as you do not know when that will happen you need to do your will NOW!

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Probate is the process of dealing with your estate - your assets and liabilities - on your death. It can be a complex and stressful process especially if you have just lost a loved one. Let us take on that stress.

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