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Lasting Powers of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney


 A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) gives another adult the power to deal with matters on your behalf when you cannot as a result of physical or mental incapacity.

There is one LPA to deal with your property and financial affairs and one with health and welfare matters.

If you lose capacity without an LPA for Financial Decisions in place no-one on your behalf will be able to deal with basic day to day matters, such as paying bills or dealing with your bank, or more important matters such as speaking to your lender or selling your property.

An LPA for Health and Care Decisions will enable your attorney/s to deal with care arrangements on your behalf and to give instructions with regard to the giving or withholding “life sustaining treatment” in accordance with the directions you set out in the LPA.

Court applications can be made to deal with all of this but that is expensive and time-consuming.

Every adult, young or old, should have an LPA in place.